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I have not been really using this blog as I never really enjoyed the layout or my word press experience. Please check out the blog I use almost daily at





Doug’s Tavern Kan Jam Week 2 This Sunday

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Just wanted to remind people that the Doug’s Tavern Kan Jam League will resume this Sunday at 5 pm. If you already have a team see you then, if you do not have a team yet but want to sign up show up at Doug’s Tavern around 4:30-4:45 and sign up. Cost is $50 for the 12 week league. Any questions feel free to contact me.

Week 1 recap courtesy of :
The Doug’s Tavern Kan Jam League got off to a nice start Sunday. 10 team’s participated in the first week with some exciting action. Each team played 15 games, and we had 5 instant wins. Week 1 was sponsored by Obvious Signs and the winner of week 1 received a gift card. Week 1’s winner was the tournament champion team of Nate Pierce and James Putman. They put up an impressive 14-1 week which included an overtime win.

Hopefully see you out there Sunday.

High School Soccer Team Skips Playoffs?!?!

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I am not sure what baffles me more in this article that I read about a high school team skipping the playoffs. Is it that a first year coach comes into a program, and decides that the team who is undefeated will not compete in playoffs. Or is it the fact that by the sounds of it this team would beat most college team’s.

The high school is Montverde, which is an international boarding school. The premiere boarding school in the United States. This school gets kid’s from all sort of other countries, and their reason for skipping playoffs is because they are more interested in developing players for college than trying to win a state title. Isn’t playing for a title what it’s all about in high school?

Their soccer coach is Mike Potempa, who was an assistant coach at Clemson University for four years, played on the US National 17, 18, 19, 20 and under teams, AND was drafted by the LA Galaxy in the MLS. Yes this is their HIGH SCHOOL coach.

As I keep reading the article I find out their basketball team has been doing the skipping playoffs thing for several years now. 35 of their former players earned college scholarships, and 2 are playing in the NBA. Those two players are 7′ 1” center Soloman Alabi who attended Florida State and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Maybe because I came from an area where sports are not that big I can’t comprehend. I mean they are big in the community but we rarely see the “best” player around do anything besides become an excellent bar room athletes. ( I don’t consider myself the best athlete but I am one hell of a bar room athlete) I mean we have rare cases like Jimmy Howard and Rick Carlisle making a name for themselves. I think the key to their success though was getting out of here.

So maybe if you are reading this and you are from a big city with a lot of talent you are not impressed. If you are from anywhere near me than this has to get you thinking. I mean could you imagine playing vs a team that is filled with division 1 talent. A team that could most likely beat division 1 team’s? I mean would it even be fun? I don’t think so. I mean it would be fun at first I suppose playing people you know will or could make it big, but getting beat down by them seems like a waste of time. How can you get better from that?

I guess you could look at it the other way though. Look at it as a team that should have to play them in playoffs. You must be excited because you actually have a chance now. If you end up winning it all do you really feel like you are the state champ? Yes you won playoffs but you didn’t beat the best team.

I would love to hear what other people think about this.  So drop a comment.

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

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It’s time for the weekly NFL Power Rankings brought to you by Let’s not even waste any time, let’s jump right to it.

1) Atlanta Falcons (9-2) (prev 1) No need to move them from the top spot until they lose. As long as Matt Ryan plays at home not sure they will lose.

2) New England Patriots (9-2) (prev #2) They win again but face a tough Jets team this week. Should be a good game.

3) NY Jets (9-2) (prev #4) They keep getting it done. HUGE AFC match-up this weekend. Let’s see how good they really are.

4) Baltimore Ravevns (8-3)(prev. #5) They had a good win vs a good TB team. Big match-up vs the Steelers. Hoping for a good ole fashion Steelers beat down. We will see.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3) (prev. #3) Should have lost to the Bills so I dropped them. Should drop them more prolly. Win vs Baltimore has them climb again.

6) Chicago Bears (8-3) (prev #9) Played well vs Vick and the Eagles. D is for real only giving up 172 points this year, and when Cutler plays smart they look ok. Let’s see if they can stay hot.

7) New Orleans Saints (8-3) (prev #8) Have to show the defending champs some love and respect that they could make it back to the “ship.

8) Green Bay Packers (7-4) (prev #7) Had to drop them but not far. They lost to a good Atlanta team, on the road. Rogers is good so never count them out.

9) Philadelphia Eagles (7-4) (prev #6) They lost to a good Bears team and maybe they fell a little far but you should beat Cutler if you want to stay towards the top 5.

Last spot and there are several deserving team’s but since I can only pick one I went with…

10) San Diego Chargers ( 6-5) (prev. NR) They are on a 4 game winning streak and I don’t think there are many team’s that want to play Phillip Rivers when he is hot like this. With a home game vs Oakland I expect their streak to continue.

Honorable mentions:
New York Giants (7-4)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4) (prev. #10)
KC Chiefs (7-4)
Indianapolis Colts (6-5)
Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5)
Miami Dolphins (6-5)
Houston Texans (5-6)
Oakland Raiders (5-6)
St Louis Rams (5-6)
Washington Redskins (5-6)
Tennessee Titans (5-6)
Seattle Seahawks (5-6)

And for the bottom feeders of the NFL

10) Minnesota Vikings (4-7) They are showing signs of life and Favre wants to go out ummm not on a stretcher?

9) Cleveland Browns (4-7) Beat some good teams, lost to some “bad” team’s. When they “good” Browns show up they can be dangerous.

8) San Francisco 49er’s (4-7) Still only a game back to make playoffs. Sad I know. Losing Gore will not help.

7) Buffalo Bills (2-9) Nobody circles the wagon like the Buffalo Bills. They continue to find a way to lose. Big shout out to Stevie Johnson for dropping that ball. Why so serious? Because you lost the game.

6) Denver Broncos (3-8) Usually good at home, but not last week. Good trade sending Hillis away for Brady Quinn.

5) Arizona Cardinals (3-8)2 games back to make playoffs and their QB will be a Coors Light commercial soon. At least something is looking up for him.

4) Dallas Cowboys (3-8) Just when they were streaking they ran into the defending champs and blew the game.

3) Detroit Lions (2-9) Some bright spots, some not so bright spots. That’s what rebuilding is all about.

2) Cincinnati Bengals (2-9) 8 straight losses can’t be good for moral.

1)Carolina Panthers (1-10) No surprise here. Maybe they will draft another QB or 3?

Well thanks for checking out this weeks edition of the NFL power rankings. Let me know what you think.

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

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Well it’s time for another edition of the Week 11 NFL power rankings. The NFC took over the power rankings with 6 team’s. A couple top ten team’s fell to honorable mention status.

Alright let’s do this…

1)Atlanta Falcons (8-2) (prev. #1) They are on a 4 game win streak and look pretty solid. Matt Ryan to Roddy White is dangerous. They play host to GB this weekend and should be good test to see how good they really are, again.

2)New England Patriots (8-2) (pre. #2) They beat Peyton which is not always easy to do. Their D isn’t quite Super Bowl winning worthy but their offense is good, and personally I think better than they were with Moss. They play Thanksgiving Day vs the Lions. Expect them to be here next week unless Atlanta loses.

3)Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3) (prev. #4) I am putting them above the Jets because they should have lost a game in the last couple weeks to team’s they on paper should beat easily. Plus Steelers destroyed a hot Raiders team. Big Ben looked good.

4)NY Jets (prev. #3) (8-2) They find ways to win games. When it looks like they are done and finally lose, they somehow fight back and get it done. Big thanks to the Steelers for letting Holmes go because he is good.

5)Baltimore Ravens (7-3) (prev. #5) They beat Carolina. They play a tough TB team at home so let’s see how they do. Go TB.

6)Philadelphia Eagles (7-3)(prev. #6) I wanted to jump them up because they are playing well and beat a fast falling Giants team. But every other top 5 team won so had to leave them here. Vick is good but doesn’t help Eli is not smart.

7)Green Bay Packers (7-3) (prev. #7) 4 game winning streaks are on the line this week vs Atlanta. Matt Ryan just doesn’t lose at home, but could he this week? We will see.

8)New Orleans Saints (7-3)(prev. #10) 3 game winning streak and their D is playing well. We know their offense is good and they won again with not running game. Bush was supposed to be back but wasn’t able to go. It’s weird to say this but they will have a tough game Thanksgiving day vs Dallas.

9)Chicago Bears (7-3)(prev. NR) Their defense is a vintage Bears d. They have given up a league low 146 points this year. When Cutler doesn’t throw the ball to the other team, they are good. They play a tough Eagles team in Philadelphia. A win here show’s they are a NFC contender.

Last spot….

10)Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)(prev. NR) They are 7-3 and do what it takes to win. They are young but have beat some good teams. What’s impressive is they are 4-1 on the road and 3-2 at home. The home win’s will start to fall in place if they can keep winning on the road they have a chance to win the division believe it or not. A win in Baltimore this weekend would not only make me happy but would prove to people they could be for real.

Honorable Mentions
Indianapolis Colts (6-4)
Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)
NY Giants (6-4)
Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4)
San Diego Chargers (5-5)
Miami Dolphins (5-5)
Washington Redskins (5-5)
Oakland Raiders (5-5)
Tennessee Titans (5-5)
Seattle Seahawks (5-5)
Houston Texnans (4-6)

The bottom 10

10)Dalls Cowboys (3-7)(prev. #5) They are 2-0 with their new coach and are playing decent football. Tough one this weekend vs the Saints. This will show how good they really are.

9)Buffalo Bills (2-8) (prev. #4) Big jump comes with 2 wins. Yes a winning streak for the Buffalo Bills. They are going to lose this weekend and might drop, but they are playing decent football. Plus Cowboys and Bills (wow seeing those two team’s together brings back days when they were good in super bowls) are only teams with winning streaks in bottom 10.

8)Cleveland Browns (3-7) (prev. #10) Two heart breaking loses for the Browns. Hillis is good. Not really to much else to say I guess.

7)San Francisco 49er’s (3-7)(prev. #9) Put together a couple good previous weeks but fell last week. 3 wins and they are only 2 back and still alive. Man the NFC West sucks.

6)Denver Broncos (3-7) (prev. #6) Sometimes they show sign’s of life, sometimes they show you why they are not good. Tim Tebow I don’t like you therefore Denver I don’t like you.

5)Minnesota Vikings (3-7) (prev. #8) Childress is gone now, maybe they will win? Favre do yourself a favor silver fox, RETIRE.

4)Detroit Lions (2-8) (prev. #2) Yes the lost again but even with Shaun Hill they are still a better team than the bottom 3.

3)Arizona Cardinals (3-7) (prev. #7) They are on a five game losing streak. They don’t know who should be their QB or RB. I think they have a RB don’t they? Not sure if they know.

2)Cincinnati Bengals (2-8)(prev. #3)Longest losing streak in the NFL and lost to the Bills after having a nice lead. They are not good.

No surprises here…

1)Carolina Panthers (1-9) (prev. #1) They are awful. They brought a stay at home dad to be their QB. Didn’t work for him or them. Good luck Carolina. Get a win and I will move you up just because you won, I swear.

Thanks for checking out my week 11 NFL power rankings. Let me know what you think.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Prostitutes In Hermon?

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You usually hear about drugs, prostitution, murder, and other nasty crimes on the new’s, but it rarely involves northern NY people. Drug’s are slowly becoming a bigger and bigger issue up here and are the cause of the few murder’s we have had. I have a feeling they were involved in one way or another in today’s new’s.

Here is the article courtesy of the Ogdensburg Journal

“HERMON – Two women were accused of performing sexual acts Saturday on a 75-year-old man in exchange for money and gifts, including cars and payments on furniture and utilities.

Tracy N. Surcey, 35, of 6258 Route 11, Lot 9, Canton, and Valerie Cleveland, 36, of 124 Main St., each were charged Tuesday with prostitution, a misdemeanor, St. Lawrence County sheriff’s deputies said. Deputies declined to release the man’s name.

The man reportedly offered each woman a used car, along with buying them furniture and paying their utilities, for having sex with him, deputies said.

Both women were arraigned in Canton Village Court and released under probation supervision. A protection order was issued for the man, who won’t be charged, deputies said.

In January 2007, Ms. Cleveland was given a 1 1/2-to-3-year prison sentence on a third-degree criminal sexual act conviction for having a threesome involving a man and 16-year-old girl in April 2006.”

So sorry to any of you local guys looking for a cheap prostitute, the two around here are going to jail.

Really though a 75 year old man? You hookers must have been hard up.

Curious to see what they look like? Well I wouldn’t let you down.

Local Hermon Prostitutes

Cute huh?

To be honest I am kind of at a loss for words. Didn’t know there were actually hookers up here. I thought they just lived in cities and all over Canada. Guess you learn something new everyday.

Crazy Asain Dominating Pop A Shot

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I was checking out my twitter feed and Yahoo Sports posted a tweet.

“Video: Woman makes 128 shots in a row in pop-a-shot”

I couldn’t get the video to load due to my lovely network here at work. So I hit up youtube. I am not sure if it’s the same video but it has to be. If not I am impressed with this one. Check it out.

There are a couple crazy things to me in this video.

1)She is the best I have seen at this old school arcade game. You have played it before most likely and those rims are unforgiving. They take a bounce you throw up your next shot they hit each other balls are flying around the arcade. But this Asian girl has played a time or two.

2)The guy standing to the left off camera walks away not impressed apparently after 14 seconds of watching her. He is either embarrassed because he just made 10 in a row or just not impressed with her skills. Either that or the dance revolution game finally had an opening and he’s going for it.

3)2 seconds later after dance dance man walks bye a lady then comes out of the back room after apparently ripping a couple lines of coke. She must be a serious gamer. It must have been her dance revolution spot that opened up.

4)The whole time red hat man is stretching out. He needs to be limber and well stretched before apparently trying to beat her? She just made a couple hundred in a row with a score of 256. All the stretching in the world will not help you beat her. She was tweeted by Yahoo Sports (I think) you are just the weird dude that has to follow up after. It’s like the QB that has to follow in Peyton Manning’s shoes. Good luck buddy.

As impressed as I am for her sinking all those shots in a row according to the Yahoo article it is not the Guinness world record.

“The scariest thing about this clip is that this woman amazingly enough is not the world record holder for consecutive pop-a-shot baskets made in a minute. According to Guinness, that record belongs to a man named Jay Kletecka, who made 139 in a row a few years ago.”

To see the record holder and my favorite part of you tube all the haters posts check that out here. (Worst of all he is a Browns fan, at least Cleveland has a pop a shot record holder)

If only Ogdensburg had an Arcade I would leave now and work on a Guinness world record. Damn.